Three years ago I had a very healthy crop of two year old hardy cyclamen, courtesy of “Chiltern Seeds”. At winter’s end I opened up the cold frame to find fat slugs and precious little else. Still, I have a healthy crop of the most common ones such as the autumn flowering hederifolium.

I always pot the odd specimen from the garden. If one looks closely above, the germinated seeds of thyme can be discerned. Bare soil under a scented thyme is asking for trouble.

The specimen above was spectacular last year, its particularly bright foliage as attractive as the dinner plate huge plate-sized tuber that I have sprinkled over with grit and slug pellets – only those in pots because I feel guilty using poison for fear of birds being harmed. This year the flowers are not yet quite as prolific so it will be back to the garden for this old fellow after flowering.

The pure white ones look, well, pure in the pot.

And here, at the bottom of the garden where sunlight fears to tread, the plants carpet the soil until their kid brother and sisters coum out in the winter – get it?


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