Japanese anemone are indispensable at this time of the year.  I have several varieties whose names I forget but the double pink and double white are the most eye-catching. They are easy to look after albeit they send up shoots everywhere.

And talking about names being forgotten, somewhere on file I have the name of this startling dahlia growing in a pot and shortly to be assigned to my newly renovated rockery for the last month or so of this year’s life. I used not to like dahlias as they were too linked up in my mind with summer’s end. I’ve changed.

 My fuchsia over-wintered and looks good tumbling over a firethorn.

Ah..  Cosmos, so easy, so cheap. Each year they grow again from discarded seed that suits a lazy gardener.

I believe this to be one of the English Roses whose name I could obtain after some searching. It certainly is praised by visitors for its freshness and scent. Some blemishes on the foliage I note.


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