Time was when the East Coast resort of Cleethorpes was a little tatty and, whereas I’m definitely not keen on amusement arcades, the seafront has been cleaned up very nicely and, as our nearest seaside town, it takes less than one hour to be parked and embracing the sea air. One end is still tat, the other welcoming and landscaped.

“Oliver’s” where we had afternoon coffee having enjoyed lunch with our family at “Marples”. Both are well recommended.

Strange as it may seem, the sea is not always visible here in the Humber Estuary.

The Humber Estuary is ne of the top three sites in England for birds, the mud flats teeming with birds of all sorts.

Here I tested my long range zoom on my brand spanking new Panasonic Lumix TMC TZ70, purchased because attempting to use my previous Sony compact in the Lake District last week ruined the damn thing so it is impractical to pay for a repair. Anyway enough of my problems. The bird below is a Dunlin viewed from the 30x zoom.

Not sure what this bird is but it’s part of the landscaping.

Below is the less attractive end of Cleethorpes. The final two images look across the estuary towards Spurn Point.

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