One of the best maintained and stocked gardens in the North of England lies five miles outside York at the delightfully named Warthill. Breezy Knees Gardens was opened in 1999 by Colin and Marylen Parker. Its roots as a farm are easy to see as one enters via the cafe and tramps through the fields along a path though flat land, bordered by rabbit resistant perennials to the fenced in area that is the the home to the fourteen acres of gardens. One of my favourite writers on gardens, John Grimshaw, head gardener at Colesbourne Park, complained in 2012 about the “square-line fetish” of the garden’s construction. I noted this but truly the vast number of perennials in fabulous condition is the overwhelmingly positive  Indeed the lay-out greatly improves identification of plants, particularly as they are all clearly labelled up. Tomorrow I shall identify some of the plants that took my eye but for now fill your boots and enjoy the straight lines.

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