Saville Gardens in the Windsor Great Park was a picture at the weekend, snowdrops, camellias and narcissus all looking fabulous. One bulb took my fancy however to the extent that I have purchased some from Twelve Nunns for delivery soon I hope. The diminutive Narcissus cyclamineus, at only 4.5 cm long, a native of northern Spain and Portugal, and the parent of many popular varieties, is a distant relative of the cyclamen, hence the name, and as the images below show. I read that it does not do well from a dry bulb so my late additions will arrive in pots. At Saville it was prolific, huge drifts of them particularly by the stream. I will also need to ensure the soil does not dry out so will need to consider the position carefully. It increases by seed, a four year process that again requires an area suitable for naturalising. The second image is from the giant rockery at Wisley the following day. Again, totally captivating.

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