I determined on growing a variety of narcissus this year and so perused the catalogues, remembered to use tags so I remember what I’ve placed where, planted the pots and skinned my hand burrowing holes in the borders. Unlike some of the gardens in the south of England, my daffodils have held back and will flower more or less when they should albeit the two featured today are early. Here are two related cyclamineus cultivars, the first “Jetfire” is really a stunning, showy flower with its bright orange trumpet and reflexed petals of the most fresh yellow. I know they are freely available everywhere, and I know they look best in drifts, but my pot in front of the kitchen window is an eye-turner and it allows one to study this detail.

“Mite” will cost more than “Jetfire” and you will need to go to a specialist. It is also smaller, perhaps half the size of its already petite cousin. What a pretty flower it is with a piercing yellow, long tubular trumpet and slightly curved back petals. It is larger than the species. And exquisite.

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