I note that some scenes from the ITV series, “Victoria” are being filmed at Newby Hall. We visited the North Yorkshire house and gardens on their last opening day before the long winter break. Situated in a prime English rural setting beside the River Ure, the house was unexpectedly delightful, a home as well as a museum. But it was the herbaceous borders we had come to see. First off, the border displays of Dahlias are a feature of the gardens though I wish they would name the individual varieties.

More on the marvellous herbaceous borders later. First is the Comma butterfly, Polygonia c-album, so-called because of its white comma shape on its under wings. Here I photographed it as it fed on a cosmos flower.

This is one of those unusual stories of a once rare butterfly making a come-back. The second Peacock Butterfly is feeding on brick. Well, resting in the warmth of our splendid Autumn.


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