Product reviews seem the prerogative of YouTube but I’ll do my best. I purchased the lithium powered Black & Decker Garden Vac and Blower yesterday, tried it this morning, returned it this afternoon. It is rare in life that one purchases something totally useless but I’ve managed it. Well, not totally useless – it blew the dried beech leaves out of my garage well enough though the grilled suction inlet is impossible for a right handed person to use without it adhering to your right leg. Sucking small dry leaves up and chewing them up was not quite so good however but a triumph compared with the real world.

The damp beech leaves on the lawn proved an impossible obstacle for the blower. It shuddered when confronted by larger maple leaves. I switched to the sucking tool. Big problem. The guard over the inlet would not open unless helped on its way with a screwdriver. Eventually it was removed and the nozzle for the vac part of the tool attached. Ten seconds in and a very mediocre twig jammed it. The screwdriver came in useful again but other than unscrewing the whole device it was impossible to extricate the twig and leaves to full satisfaction. It never recovered to tell the truth. I tried a second fully charged battery but no joy. And that guard stubbornly remained tuck. Even the guy in the store couldn’t pull it out as per instructions. I offered him my screwdriver.

Money back! I have some excellent battery powered garden equipment from Black & Decker. This was not in the same league. I’ll review other devices shortly. More positively I promise.

The kit straight out of the box and assembled easily enough.
The blower aimed rather stupidly at the hedge but I was holding the camera at the time.
The guard that should come off easily (to judge from one YouTube review) when pressing the button at the top of the photo. It didn’t.
The battery is one of two I have already. Very light and efficient though expensive to purchase on its own.
Power select. Well it works but the highest setting is inadequate for wet leaves!
With the help of my screwdriver I removed the guard. The larger suction nozzle connects to this.
And here is said attachment. The collection bag is underneath and there can be spied my trusty and very necessary screwdriver. 
The handle at the top is used to wield the vac when the bag is attached. (It never got full.)
All attached and ship shape I hoped.
And here we are in action. The leaves don’t look insurmountable do they.
Two batteries, one attached to charger.

3 thoughts on “BLACK+DECKER GWC3600L 36V Lithium Cordless Blower Vacuum

  1. I'm a fool for gadgets and technology. The battery powered Bosch lawnmower works well though. I brushed the leaves with old technology, plus a stainless steel rake for the grass.


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