I have been much taken by the bidding on eBay over the last few weeks. Snowdrop bulbs that may be obtained for a weighty but fixed amount from well known traders on-line are making much larger sums due to the bidding frenzy of the internet auction. All power to the eBay sellers for I have bought from the same individuals in the past, discovering them to be friendly, informed and providing excellent bulbs, well packaged. Indeed, having just purchased five snowdrops from a well known nursery, I have to say that the size of the bulb and the packaging has been inferior to those specialists who sell on eBay.  A quick google might assist one in deciding how much to spend. My own purchase on Saturday was almost half the price of exactly the same bulb sold by the same seller the previous weekend. So it pays to be patient. I bid in advance, deciding just how much I am prepared to pay and checking on progress when the auction has completed. I lose some, win others. (Actually I lose most.) Laughably I put in what I considered a high bid for “Green Tear”. It went for £200 no less. Five years have gone by since its record price. Has no-one heard of twin-scaling? A laughable bid, so you won’t be seeing that particular specimen on my blog this year at least. There are one or two green ones to come though and almost as good, I think…. Or is it sour grapes, green ones?

On another tack, here’s a small pot of two specimens planted last year and featured here in full colour. “Trymming” and “Percy Picton” are in bud. One is burgeoning, the other promising a solitary if beautiful flower. One cost two and half times the other. Guess which one is parsimonious, which profuse? You’ve guessed it. Sod’s law. The little solitary fellow on the bottom right is “Trymming”.

I believe I mentioned yesterday that it is a wet winter. “Godfrey Owen” got soaked poor fellow. I have a pot full of bloom. Expensive (still) but a fertile fellow and very attractive.

6 thoughts on “Buying Snowdrops on eBay

  1. Lovely photos Ian – I struggle to get satisfactory photos of mine 😦 After overdoing bidding for snowdrops on eBay once I would only buy them at a fixed price now – or directly from a catalogue, usually Avon Bulbs. I think Godfrey Owen will prove to be favourite of mine but I haven't got any of the Trym varieties, only the poorer man's Trumps…


  2. You won't go far wrong with \”Godfrey Owen\” though the sun is needed for the flowers to fully open up for my new macro lens to come into play. And the new lens is a pig to master. The tip for eBay works by the way. Takes the stress away and you may even log on to find you've won the bid.


  3. It's probably a good thing that named galanthus rarely, if ever, show up on ebay here in the US. As it is they're pricey enough! Still there's always trading once you get a few up and running, which appears to be the case with Percy.I'm looking forward to seeing them in the sun!


  4. How wonderful to have pots full of snowdrops 🙂 My only experience has been with G. elwesii, which I grew in my earlier garden. Perhaps it was just as well that I didn't have access to named varieties on eBay as results might have been costly! Anyway, it's lovely to see them on blogs!


  5. Pots of snowdrops work well as I can rotate them to view from inside in the warmth. My hope is to have bursting full pots of special named varieties, then, spread them around the garden, then give them to friends and relatives and neighbours, then … I'm a little excitable, Amy.


  6. Given the value of the dollar against the pound at the moment there may be opportunities for export. Snowdrops are expensive in variety and, yes, you are absolutely right that swaps and trades are the solution. Also garden open days where specialists exhibit.


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