Technically speaking, “Godfrey Owen” is notable as the only elwesii cultivar to have six inner and six outer petals. It is described as being mid-season. My own specimens have been in flower much earlier however and in the mild and wet weather we are presently experiencing, they are opening out to display their distinctive charms. The blooms would have spread out more had I waited a week but such was the beauty of the flowers this morning with last night’s raindrops captured by my new camera lens that I could not resist. I wrote about the bulb last year and am pleased to report how well it has increased to fill the pot, a charming sight from our kitchen and a good buy should the opportunity arise. Mine came from Matt Bishop in 2014. There are different snowdrops, but none prettier.


4 thoughts on “Galanthus "Godfrey Owen" and Raindrops

  1. I can fully appreciate the addiction to snowdrops! Were it cold enough in winter (with perhaps a bit more rain) and less searing hot in summer here, I would invest in them too.


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