African violet (Saintpaulia)

Today was a difficult day as my wife had to have her arm operated on following her fall on Sunday. Walking in the dark is not to be advised. Anyway the pins are in place and pain killers hopefully will kick in. We arrived home to discover her sister and brother-in-law had left her a small consolation. We used to have lots of African violets in the house, house plants generally. It is about time we made a break from orchids.

Witch hazel, Nostell Priory, New Year’s Day

January weather is not expected to be good so a suggestion of lighter cloud in the west had us travelling through the gloom and driving rain to Nostell Prior near Wakefield. This was not the weather to distract me from my hoped for villa somewhere warm but we trudged through the mud, saw a touch of blue in the sky and enjoyed one of the witch hazels planted some three years ago. My phone doubled as a camera but it was worth it. I suspect the variety to be┬áHamamelis x intermedia ‘Pallida’ and in a more favoured spot than my own that is a few weeks off yet I fear. I arrived home to discover my own red variety looking quite good in the cold drizzle so I collected my camera and … decided to have a coffee in the warmth. Always another day for photography. Oh, and have a great New Year!