Here are four more snowdrops in flower on another sunny day (the last one for a few days according to the forecast ….) May I commence with a snowdrop that is stunning in any company. Were I advising someone on a suitable present for Valentine’s Day then Galanthus elwesii ‘Big Boy’ would be high on the list. Dispense with the cheerful banter over the name and concentrate on quality for this beauty looks special from the moment those huge globular buds swell out even before opening. And when they do open out they excel: shapely white bowls on strong, comparatively short stems. As an added bonus they even have a flush of green on the tips. I wrote about the big fella last year and since then it has two flowers and at least five more shoots promising riches long after those red roses have shrivelled, composted and been devoured by earthworms.

Galanthus elwesii ‘Big Boy’

How about a bit of bubbly for Valentine’s Day? There are those who claim the infamous Dutch Tulip Bubble of 1637 is being replicated with snowdrops and I can see the analogy. So here is  Galanthus ‘Bubble’. It’s a tad early to burst as yet being new to me, or anyone else for that matter – try googling it. The slightly puckered look gives it some distinction in better known company on my bench. I like it a lot and little bubbles will certainly appear next year in this seemingly vigorous specimen. Your head stays clear with these bubbles.

Galanthus  ‘Bubble’

Galanthus ‘Lady Beatrix Stanley’ has grown very well in my garden over the years to the extent that it is perhaps the dominant double. It is said to come from the garden of Barbara Buchanan at Hodsock Priory, She in turn brought it from her mother’s Northamptonshire garden in Sibbertoft on her death in 1944, hence the name. This is an inexpensive bulb, not likely to float away with the other bubbles, and has been proven in the Lumsden garden. Be my Valentine (on a budget).

Galanthus ‘Lady Beatrix Stanley’

And finally, here is another of my favourites. I am hoping for a pot full of Galanthus ‘Trumps’ this year for it is a distinctive bloom and will wow the visitors. The first bloom is out. I said enough about it last year and took a better picture. The 2017 season is later and most of the buds have yet to open. Now a pot full of ‘Trumps’ would win any heart and game.

Galanthus ‘Trumps’


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