The privately owned North Nottingshire Felley Priory is one of those very English grand houses that just about manages not to dwarf me. I could envisage our living there were I an awful lot wealthier and a smidgen younger. When I was asked to write a snowdrop article about popular destinations a year ago I missed it. I attempted to rectify the error last year on this blog, intending to expand my ruminations somewhat. Yesterday we revisited to discover just how their range of snowdrops has expanded and also to see how this season is behind last year. First, here is the house, lake and gardens.

We had the garden to ourselves, enjoying the solitude and beauty.
The vans outside remind me of how expensive it is to maintain an historic building.
The building to the left houses the friendly tea shop. 

 I majored on snowdrops yesterday so I’ll just concentrate on the dwarf iris varieties, mostly reticulata. They were such bright darts of colour.

Iris reticulata but the name on the label did not match the variety. I know the problem.

Iris ‘Eye-Catcher’

And finally a few drifts of iris.

Iris reticulata ‘Sheila Ann Germany’
The soaking irrigation system works well but is a beggar when it comes to taking photographs.
 Iris ‘Palm Springs’

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