I look at gardening blogs with arrangements of flowers that are mind-blowing, rendering anything I might attempt as penny arcade material. So my plants have to do it all themselves, with a little manipulation of individual pots as my gesture towards floral arrangement. Two of the Harvington Hellebores that look fantastic in pots are “Harvington Double Purple Cascade” and “Harvington Double Lilac Speckled”. The former is perfectly named with a rich colour and masses, and I mean masses, of deeply coloured flowers.

The double lilac variety is petite and stunning in a pot, reveling in the bonsai-like conditions. Indeed when my daughter looked at the plants earlier this week she seemed more impressed by this than anything else (in a world of wonders.) So well recommended then.

For reasons of comparison I placed both together. Were my arms twisted and I was forced to choose only one, I would be hard pressed, then ask my wife.

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