Galanthus nivalis ‘Flocon de Neige’ is a snowdrop worthy of its own post on the blog. We all have our own favourites. Snowdrop varieties can be very different, they each have their own qualities, flower at different periods; they can be spotted, green, large or small, or yellow; they may smile or scowl at you. Well this little six-petalled beauty squeezes into the favourites category. It hit the news in 2008 when it fetched a record £265 on eBay. I love it because it looks good from above, the usual viewing point, and from below, a position it may be seen from if it is placed as mine is at eye level on a shelf. Like so many unusual snowdrops, ‘Flocon de Neige’ was a discovery by Mark Brown in Buckinghamshire in the 1980s. I read that Mark wished to call it “Snowflake” but the name was already taken by the Leucojum. The French equivalent seemed to work and think of the fun to be had wrapping your tongue around the accent. Luckily I have help.

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