Renishaw Hall in Derbyshire opened its gates to the public on Wednesday after its winter break and on a stunning day with end to end sunshine we visited early and stayed late. Lunch was in the courtyard but the highlights were the walks through the garden, park and around the lakes. Truth to tell, topiary leaves me a little cold. Today however I appreciated the chiseled lines of the yew hedges that later on in the year will enclose shrubs and flowers galore. The daffodils were bright, and the magnolias majestic. The two featured here were specially noteworthy. When I purchase my stately home they will go straight in. As yesterday, please take a walk in one of the UK’s special place. We are fortunate to live so close. As ever, do visit my Instagram pages.

Magnolia “Kew’s Surprise”

Magnolia “Ruth”

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