How can something so lovely as this be so fertile? Galanthus “Godfrey Owen” is delectable and I have posted about it before. My original bulbs have increased so well they provide a lovely present. My brother in law keeps me posted on just how well his is doing. I’ll convert him to the ranks of the galanthophiles yet.

 And it is difficult to miss the witch hazels. They are a fine sight from our front room and, as here, in close-up. Their scent may be faint in the cold air though no less precious for that.

Clematis “Winter Beauty” is clambering over the trees. I cut it down two years ago and it threw a sulk. It seems to have recovered its confidence.

 One of a number of snowdrops making their presence felt, “Haydn” is an early one and forming a little clump for next year.

 My aconites need sun and today was bright with the buds nearing readiness. I’ve seen some out in very sunny, warm areas. This darling is in the sink garden that fails to get much of a tan in winter.

But the cyclamens are showing even here.

 I am a very big fan of the star flowers. Ipheion uniflorum ‘Charlotte Bishop’ has been in flower since the autumn.

Then there’s that excitement as some of last year’s acquisitions promise snowdrop heaven. Galanthus ‘Bertha’ was obtained from Joe Sharman and named after his dog. I’ll feature it as it unfurls.

6 thoughts on “Prolific Galanthus "Godfrey Owen" and a break in the winter gloom

  1. It looks so promising over there. Even with a little snow it looks like it will be an early spring for you.I've also been very generous with sharing a few drops here and there… if they only knew I'm trying to make more converts!


  2. They make nice presents. For those that value such things. And not everyone does though, funnily enough, in the dark days of winter, even the hardest heart may be swayed by snowdrops even if a little explanation of the different varieties is required. \”That one is worth £100!\” always elicits a sharp response, even if I exaggerate a little.


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