Snowdrops are bursting out all over the garden. This morning’s rather under-matured trio commences with “Mr Blobby”, an appropriate name for a snowdrop devoid of shape and yet possessing its own charm. Last year, I featured the snowdrop more fully opened out but the image below shows how the blob has clumped from a single bulb, offering something distinctive even if only a blob.

“South Hayes” is becoming well known if still expensive. The green markings on the outer petals are a dark stripe extending fully down and very striking. Three bulbs have developed from the original one, each shooting up quite some distance from its siblings.

And finally “Bertha”, a more recent cultivar with an altogether softer green spot although there is some similarity to the previous variety. It still has yet to fully open out but I thought it provided a nice perspective on “South Hayes”. Its grower, Joe Sharman, terms this flower shape as pterugiform, which doesn’t take one very far but do Google it. “Bertha” has an “H” shape on the inner petals so watch this space. Certainly vigorous, it too will be joined by siblings as the weeks pass.

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