The snowdrops are bursting into bloom, the recent milder weather bringing them on nicely. I tend to write about individual varieties but the massed blooms are what brighten up the garden at this stage in winter.

An explosion of snowdrops in the lawn

The pricing of new snowdrop varieties can be deceptive. Galanthus ‘Ivy Cottage Green Tip’ is a relatively recent variety available at a very reasonable price from several sources, including an excellent UK seller on eBay, and an outlet for one of the big mail order companies. My own bulb is two years old and I now have two flowers so my modest outlay has doubled in value ….. I wish. One can lash out big bucks for snowdrops that are no more spectacular than the little gem adorning our patio table.

Galanthus ‘Ivy Cottage Green Tip’

On the subject of inexpensive snowdrops with something special about them here are three others. Galanthus ‘Augustus’ has a puckered texture to the outer petals and has clumped up slowly and surely over the years. The combination of its very distinctive broad, striped leaves and the rounded, globular petals stands out from the crowd.

Galanthus ‘Augustus’

A further green tipped variety just coming into flower in the garden is nivalis ‘Viridapice’, an old variety that has slowly increased all over the garden, intermingled with other varieties. It is a pretty flower.

Galanthus nivalis ‘Viridapice’

Galanthus Elwesii ‘Natalie Garton’ is a semi-double variety flowering earlier in our garden than its description as a late flowering variety suggests. In a border where there are more traditional double varieties ‘Natalie Garton’ does stand out.

Galanthus Elwesii ‘Natalie Garton’

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