Compared with last year my narcissus are three weeks late. ‘Swift Arrow’ defies the weather. In close-up many of these narcissus look very similar. ‘Swift Arrow’ is taller, very upright and has a rich colour. It is not well known but worth the effort of a search.

When we went to Harlow Carr last weekend the variety that stood out, other than the ubiquitous ‘Tete a Tete’, was ‘Peeping Tom’.  The bulbs have increased well since last year and with their long, inquisitive noses, they compel the eyes. They are a must have.

‘Trena’ is another favourite. Its distinctive contrasting colours and sturdy quality allows it to stand up to the cold and deluge of water that has cascaded upon it these past few days. A stunner. Three fabulous varieties so far.  The snowdrop season has ended but there are compensations. Usually it’s the weather. Not this year.

‘Perky’ by name, perky by nature. The contrasting colours of this variety make for a fresh sight on a cold Easter day. We are again moving down in the size scale. Again this is a bulb that increases well. Again it takes the eye.

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