Two stunning and very similar narcissus varieties  are the well known and widely available ‘Jetfire’ and the less well known ‘Velocity’.  Atrocious weather has not affected the former in any meaningful way. They have withstood wind, hail, snow and ice. And that was just yesterday. ‘Velocity’ has the slightly larger flower and is just as long lasting although later than ‘Jetfire’. Quite frankly the bright narcissus are needed to lift a dismal Spring. They have increased well.

Narcissus ‘Canaliculatus’ looks similar in size in the photographs but images can lie. It’s a tiny flower, dainty and pretty.

3 thoughts on “Narcissus ‘Jetfire’, ‘Velocity’ & ‘Canaliculatus’

  1. They are all lovely! Your shot of N. canaliculatus causes a little pang as it refuses to bloom in my garden, though it has increased magnificently – but it's all foliage, never a flower! I tried to ensure it had better water this spring, but still no results. I had assumed that a bulb originating in Cyprus might do quite well here, but… Any suggestions appreciated!BTW, I did follow your last year's suggestion and try N. bulbicodium, which has flowered nicely! 🙂


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