On a day bathed in bright sunshine I was complimented on the colour still in our garden. It’s always good to be complimented whatever one’s age. Thank you, Norman and Christine. I was asked for names of the plants and had with several plants to decline except I could have volunteered the following beauty but didn’t:  Lobelia x speciosa ‘Tania’  is as piercing a colour as one might desire, poking through the competition, a vivid carmine-purple. I saw it months back at Renishaw and just had to have it. I bought three, one for my sister-in-law’s birthday (the Christine mentioned above) though she only saw our front garden and ‘Tania’ is in the back. Anyway I bought three plants in 9cm pots which have grown rapidly and Christine will be given an established plant. Perhaps she will believe I paid more than I did. She knows me too well.

At the last minute I added a close-up to show the colour. It is almost too bright for the lens.

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