An apology for all my many reader. I had thought this a seedling from the reginae-olgae varieties that have been in flower for weeks, flowering in the warmest, driest section of the garden, baked this summer and now a sodden swamp in the wet early winter. It grabbed the Christmas spot this year, though there are other contenders beginning to bud up. In fact today (30th December) when weeding I found the label for it and its fellows pressed hard down into the earth.  I purchased it and several others of the ‘composer’ varieties last year at Hodsock. I merely cheated by revising the post ensuring my error is hidden by the miracles of the internet. 

5 thoughts on “Galanthus elwesii var. monostictus ‘Haydn’

  1. My reginae-olgae are long gone. Since then I have had Barnes, now Santa Claus and Three Ships. Soon we will all be outside, bent over, counting green spots.


  2. Interesting remark. My snowdrops are all over the place this year. Judging by the garden planted ones in two weeks there should be a genuine explosion of flowers. But 'Three Ships' is in a pot and showing tips of masts only. 'Barnes' was properly early. I don't have 'Santa Claus'. 'Ephinany' is showing through the soil but is not in flower yet. 'Peter Gatehouse' is just beginning to look good, as are 'Colossus' and 'Mrs McNamara', a favourite. Yes, it's that time of the year when the green spots are eagerly sought. Galanthus reginae-olgae 'Blanc de Chine' should have been out by now but I'm waiting in vain it seems. I lose snowdrops every year for reasons I never know and it makes me very wary of forking out huge chunks of my bank account for them. I've swapped varieties increasingly to make up the losses. Anyway, back to the cooking as we've a house full. Have a good few days!


  3. What a beauty to ring in the Christmas celebrations with. There are a few stirrings on this side of the ocean but we still have quite some winter cold to deal with before snowdrops can be enjoys. Happy holidays!


  4. One of the purposes of me writing this blog is to keep a track of flowering times, success and the odd demise of our snowdrops. Memories get confused and I thought we were early this year with some varieties only to be corrected by the blog. Have a great few days. I have more varieties this year and will dutifully record their progress and impact.


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