Galanthus ‘Rosemary Burnham’ was named after the gardener of that name from British Columbia. It could so easily have been named ‘Francisca Darts’ after John Grimshaw made an error in attributing it to a different lady. It is a beautiful virescent snowdrop, in my humble opinion easily rivalling, even surpassing, ‘Green Tear’ (still commanding huge sums on Ebay and featured here from last year’s blog.) The wind this afternoon defeated me capturing the clump that brightens up the border though it subsided to allow me one snap.

‘G71’ hardly rolls off the tongue but is attractive on the eye. The double owes its elegant name to Heyrick Greatorex’s breeding programme in the 1940s. A scientific name then. I gave up the ghost after being swept off my feet though not before capturing this image.

4 thoughts on “Nice name, not nice name: Galanthus ‘Rosemary Burnham’ & ‘G71’

  1. I'm hoping you were only swept off your feet metaphorically! Spring leaves you with no time for gardening injuries, but I'm guessing your recent visit to Welford Park proves you to be in fine shape.


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