Galanthus ‘Midas’ has not disappointed, just appearing this afternoon and pictured against an artistic dark background, that happens to be our fountain although I wouldn’t have known. Developed by Avon Bulbs, ‘Midas’ was their star attraction for the season and one can see why. The mirror reflection is indeed a second flower, whilst if the thickening growth is anything to go by there will be quite a flourish next year. Indeed already a small offshoot has developed, for swaps!

‘Phil Cornish’ pictured is one I placed in a small pot last year and forgot about. The main planting is just coming into flower in a shaded section of the garden. One of my favourites.

‘South Hayes’ has formed a large clump. These spotted or striped forms are all similar. They do attract attention in a border.

Galanthus ‘Trymming’ is another beauty, again placed in a small pot. I’ve tried to safeguard my finer forms in case of catastrophe. Of these, I’ve had a few, as the song says. The photograph I use for my blog heading is of this variety.

2 thoughts on “Galanthus ‘Midas’, ‘Phil Cornish’, ‘South Hayes’ & ‘Trymming’ – sought-after varieties

  1. When I purchased it four or five years ago it was the most expensive snowdrop I had. It didn't flower the second year although now it is rather showy in a clump. Thanks for the interest, Linda.


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