Galanthus nivalis Sandersii Group is an odd name for a snowdrop. It doesn’t trip off the tongue. Essentially it is the yellow equivalent of the common snowdrop. Trust me, there are lots of versions on sale. If they have the sulphur yellow colouring they are to be welcomed. Mine, I’m led to believe by the original seller some seven or so years ago, comes from Howick in Northumberland  from the original clone. I bought it on Ebay so it must be true and, knowing something of the seller, it is as original as can be. For a vastly inflated sum you can buy Galanthus nivalis Sandersii Group ‘Golden Promise’. It promises to be sturdier, more stable, more yellow, more compact and, crucially, more expensive. I’ll stick with my dependable, yellow, compact little charmer from eBay. They are pretty little plants, those bright yellow ovaries brightening up the winter gloom. The photograph was taken on the 22nd February. I should say by explanation of my lack of snowdrop 2020 posts that for eight weeks we were in the Caribbean, my first time away from our winter garden. Glorious experience but not to be repeated. I like winter here. Quite a clump of these charmers were waiting for us when we returned. Then Covid …

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