Our garden has been changed over the period of lockdown through Covid 19. Obviously I have had more time for the garden. Shrubs and indeed trees have been cut down to allow in even more light into what was a dark part of the garden. The spur was the removal by our neighbours of a row of towering leylandiis that sapped nutrients from the soil and light from the skies. So new plants can be introduced and it’s been a renaissance and an opportunity. Lilies are spectacular plants and I’m always discovering new varieties. ‘Lady Alice’ is new to me, a bulb grown from seed. But notice the red lily beetle. These pests devastate lilies and indeed fritillarias. If you track them down they drop to the soil. Still, it is a satisfying experience to crunch them between fingernails. However I confess I’ve resorted to insecticides and they work. A nice variety though without the strong perfume that is such a feature of lilies.

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