Another daffodil and another division in my journey through the classifications of this most wonderful of bulbs: Narcissus ‘Park Springs’ glorious, early flowering variety – the photograph was taken on 19th March. Division 3 is defined as ‘One flower per stem; corona not more than one third the length of the perianth segments.’ To shorten it, this is the small cupped class. ‘Park Springs’ stood out in the garden. It was bred in Herefordshire by Mrs Barbara J. Abel-Smith, 1914-1995, and introduced to her catalogue in 1973. Barbara published a very comprehensive catalogue, selling many varieties, some of which were her own. ‘Park Springs’, from a cursory inspection, seems to have been her most successful introduction. She published catalogues up until 1992, most of which are on-line. She was awarded the American Daffodil Society Gold Medal in 1991. The detail below is from her 1988 catalogue, listing the plant’s show successes, followed by a similar snip from the 1973 catalogue when it was introduced.

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