I can’t claim great success with ipheions in pots. They have grown lush in leaf and flowered erratically. This year I’ve divided them, hardening my heart and discarding the surplus,  and this morning gave the various pots a dose of slow release fertiliser. My favourite is ‘Jessie’ for its deep neo-blue. I don’t like the garlic smell of the leaves though that  is a non-issue for all practical purposes. I’ve laughed at some of the descriptions of the starflowers from sellers; I’ve not noticed any honey fragrance, for instance. However in the depths  of winter the plants throw out the odd flower and can seem truly exotic in that context. When the sun shines and massed blooms appear they are pretty things indeed. Three in close-up: ‘Rolf Fiedler’, ‘Charlotte Bishop’ & ‘Jessie’. Plus ‘Wisley Blue’ in the garden. 

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