Five years ago I purchased one bulb of ‘Godfrey Owen’ from a very well known seller on Ebay, Matt Bishop. In fact he had over-reached himself and had no adult bulbs left. So I received three or four immature bulbs. It was the best investment I’ve made. Exponential growth kicked in and I have them everywhere as well as giving them as gifts and swaps. One of our best friends keeps reporting back on the progress of Godfrey. Three buds, she informed me excitedly only yesterday.

Galanthus ‘Godfrey Owen’

As may be seen above this distinctive elwesii cultivar is a true beauty, perfectly formed with six outer petals and a similar number of smaller inner ones. It caused something of a sensation following its discovery in 1996 in a Shropshire garden by Margaret Owen and named after her husband. One of its qualities of course is its early flowering habit.

A sunny spot brings the bulbs on more quickly

2 thoughts on “Galanthus ‘Godfrey Owen’ – one of the finest

  1. What an exceptionally handsome snowdrop, and always good to hear when they’re good growers!
    He also does well here in Pennsylvania, but is still only just a little green nub barely pushing through the mulch. As early as he is it will still be mid February before I expect a flower!


    1. You conspicuously have a colder climate in winter than here in the north of the UK. Our climate changes weekly at best though it is the Atlantic that mostly determines temperatures. But that little nub will blossom beautifully.

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