Last year a friend bought ‘Golden Fleece’ for quite a sum, discovered it had a small offshoot, swapped it with me for a mature ‘Green Tears’, and proceeded to chip the mature bulb. It succeeded and he now has a number of young bulbs. This cultivar originally sold for over £1000 pounds! Anyway here is my version. Rather small. It has yet to unfurl and was a tiny bulb anyway. There are signs that it will throw up shoots next year and mine certainly flowered early. This has been the most eagerly anticipated plant for me. I’m deciding whether or not to plant it in the garden or retain it in a pot.

Galanthus plicatus ‘Golden Fleece ‘
Galanthus ‘Dryad Gold Medal’

A second snowdrop I was keen to see develop was one of the Dryad family, bred by Anne White at her nursery in North Yorkshire. Galanthus ‘Gold Medal’ seems a very vigorous variety indeed. No doubts about pot or border here. It will go into the garden once it has finished flowering. Anne has said her range of hybrids are sturdy and my solitary bulb has two flowers and is already forming a clump. Flowering earlier than I have read, today’s mild spell has worked its magic.

And finally for today, Galanthus ‘Trumps’ is a favourite. I have it in the border here although those are slightly behind this pot grown one. There are many ‘spotted’ snowdrops out there, many commanding high prices on Ebay but ‘Trumps’ is as good as it gets, a dramatic statement with its heart shaped single mark on the petals. It may be purchased for a modest price at this very moment from Harveys in their sale. Much cheaper than Ebay ….. Always worth checking alternatives.

Galanthus ‘Trumps’

2 thoughts on “Galanthus ‘Golden Fleece’, ‘Dryad Gold Medal’ & ‘Trumps’

  1. Wow. Either of those yellows would have wiped out my budget for at least the year. Great that they found their way to you and are doing so well!
    A friend gave me a tiny bit of Dryad Gold Bullion three years ago. I was excited to get a small flower last year and this year it looks even more promising. There’s much to be said for the tried and true, but the new are also a load of fun!


    1. Trying something new is often my downfall in gardening though not in life. It’s a shame we’re not nearer as I’m sure some of that bullion could have been traded in for a medal.

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