We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to snowdrops with a green mark on the petals and the more dots, bigger splodges, shapely hearts or whatever the higher the price. I like this one. The weather was a little intimidating for it to fully open out to reveal the inner markings though its little ‘face’ is a rich green to match the upper part.

Galanthus ‘Greenbottle’
Galanthus ‘llo ‘n’ Green’

Another very nice snowdrop is ‘llo ‘n’ Green’. I’ve featured this beautiful snowdrop before as it is Mr Reliable or, given its beauty, ‘Miss’. I was rather staggered to see it raise almost £100 on Ebay recently. People pay what they think a snowdrop is worth and I find it lovely and distinctive. But £100. Wait a year or so.


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