Heyrick Greatorex was the first of the great breeders of snowdrops. He died in 1954 though his name lives on through his renowned Greatorex doubles, a vigorous group of still popular, showy varieties. I had intended to also feature ‘Jaquenetta’, though it is not fully out yet, and somewhere in the snow is ‘Cordelia’, ‘Desdemona’, ‘Titania’, ‘Dionysus’ and more prosaically, G71. However I do have ‘Ophelia’….

Galanthus ‘Ophelia’

Double snowdrops are usually photographed or sold with someone’s hand turning the underside to the camera – hardly a natural perspective. ‘Ophelia’ looks good from above, its outer petals splaying out to reveal the inverted green heart and a flash of yellow. It’s a lovely snowdrop and invaluable in the garden. As is ‘Lady Beatrice Stanley’ below. Both were photographed yesterday in areas where the sun had melted the snow though you wouldn’t know that this morning as we have just had our coldest night and the snow is back. The snowdrop season is way behind last year as the Beast from the East 2 roars its way through Yorkshire.

Galanthus ‘Lady Beatrice Stanley’

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