No theme for today’s post except to update my blog records for some of the snowdrops to open out in the sudden thaw as deepest winter literally changed overnight to spring like warmth and brightness. I’ll commence with perhaps the most rare plant in the garden. Looking very like ‘Walrus’, ‘Green Maid’ was considered lost. I’ve had it for years and until this year it hasn’t deigned to flower.

Galanthus ‘Green Maid’
Galanthus ‘S Arnott’
Galanthus ‘David Baker’
Galanthus ‘Magnet’

Three snowdrops next that have bulked up extraordinarily well over the years. ‘S. Arnott’ is just sensational really. Photographs fail to do justice to this plant. It is a big, shapely flower and indispensable in the February garden. Definitely in my top five. That little green dot on the tip of each outer petal of ‘David Baker’ may not seem so great in the image but, trust me, it catches the eye in situation. And ‘Magnet’, looking similar to ‘S Arnott’ but with a long, arching pedicel, captures every gasp of wind – a captivating sight.

Galanthus ‘Spindlestone Surprise’
Galanthus ‘Pat Mason’
Galanthus ‘Big Boy’

Two yellow snowdrops have prospered in the garden. ‘Spindlestone Surprise’ is fresh and easy, standing comparison with any more expensive, recent varieties. I’ll feature ‘Wendy’s Gold’, the other success, shortly. ‘Pat Mason’ is large and distinctive. The green tip and that sumptuous inner green, plus a rounded, shapely look. Wonderful. And finally, the genuine article, after several false starts. This is ‘Big Boy’. A wonder. I’m sorry but I confused this in earlier posts with ‘Louise Anne Bromley’ – the foliage looks the same but this is the more attractive plant.

Galanthus ‘Louise Anne Bromley’

‘Louise Anne Bromley’ is simply huge. A giantess!

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