Hellebores are certainly features of the winter garden though here in Yorkshire we tend to see them open out towards the end of February – now! I love them. Over the years we’ve accumulated quite a few. So from this afternoon’s photographic safari here are three delights. Harvington x hybridus double purple is such a deep rich colour made all the more beautiful with its contrasting cream stamens. Like many hellebores it does have a tendency to droop however. Gorgeous though.

Harvington x hybridus double purple

Second up and a more upright variety, the outward facing German introduction, ‘Ice n’ Roses Red’. This vigorous plant has a rich claret colour and dominates the border, or at least it will in about two weeks as it fully opens out.

Helleborus ‘Ice n’ Roses Red’

Last up from today’s display is ‘Harvington picotee’, one of our oldest plants in the border. It has only just opened out but such is its beauty with purple veining and picotee margin, the camera came out.

Helleborus x hybridus ‘Harvington Single Picotee’

Finally, I’ll revisit a hellebore I featured a week or so ago as a seedling. I might, characteristically, have got this wrong. I do have many seedling hellebores although I received an incorrectly labelled plant last year from a nursery. The nurseryman had no idea of the variety, telling me he didn’t stock such a colour. So I received one for free and, on reflection, this is it rather than one of our seedlings. Its outward facing habit suggests it is from the ‘Ice n’Roses’ range that it was included in. It might be ‘Ice n’Roses Rose’. However it is not quite the same as images I have seen. But that’s what I’ll term it. I wouldn’t wish to claim a valuable introduction with which to earn the fortune I’ve always aspired to. And I’m just going to have to label my plants because my memory is not what it was. I think you will agree, whatever the name it is rather attractive and almost brash staring you in the eye.

Helleborus ‘Ice n’Roses Rose’

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