Galanthus ‘Mrs Thompson’

As the narcissus show yellow, some snowdrops are reaching their height, some faltering. ‘Mrs Thompson’ is a very interesting variety. Frankly I find it difficult to recognise the lady amongst other varieties as she varies so much. Here is one with six petals, though it may just as easily have three. I read that it is medium sized whilst discovering very large ones in our garden, providing a distinctive display. I remember walking around a lovely snowdrop garden at Goldsborough Hall, near Harrogate, just before I got the bug and, amongst all the wonders, one variety stood out. ‘Mrs Thompson’ is one of the cheapest varieties and one of the best.

Galanthus ‘Wandlebury Ring’

‘Wandlebury Ring’ is a graceful beauty if you don’t expect a deep yellow, richly coloured yellow, illustrations from sellers notwithstanding. It’s not been that successful in clumping up for me and this year only one flowered. However hope reigns supreme. The variety is taller and more svelte than the admirable ‘Wendy’Gold’.

Narcissus ‘Lemon Flare’

I purchased the hoop petticoat miniature daffodil from Anne Wright’s Dryad Nursery four or give years ago before she focused her sales on Ebay and the bidders drove prices to nerve wracking levels. I have not looked after some of my other purchases from that time, the grass like, tiny bulbs easily missed as the sessons change. Anne’s breeding of narcissus and snowdrops is legendary. ‘Lemon Flare’ is early and sweet. When I look back on my feature on hoop petticoats five years ago I feel sad I’ve lost some bulbs. I’m keeping an eye on Anne’s new varieties….


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