Today has been glorious with non-stop sunshine and a decent temperature. So a lot of walking and sufficient energy to do a bit of potting up when we returned home. Lots of plants have overwintered with the exception of a couple of tropical climbers that I should have dried out and kept indoors. And what possessed me to store some rare gladioli with their stems in a plastic sack … Most were oozing rot. I’ve salvaged a few however. Which leads me non sequitur-like to ‘Green Tear’ which has waited until the very last moment to produce one tiny flower which even looks tiny in the photograph.

Galanthus ‘Green Tear’

More robust and therefore more valuable in the garden despite the price tag is ‘Uncle Dick’, named by the great E.A. Bowles after his friend Dick Trotter. This late flowering snowdrop earns its place in the garden at this time, extending the season and flowering for decades, or nearly.

Galanthus ‘Uncle Dick’

Two all white snowdrops next. ‘Springwood Park’ is a large flowering cultivar that has also been reasonably vigorous for me, not something I’ve always found with poculiform snowdrops, and certainly not what others have discovered. Sensitive and demure, nivalis Poculiformis is a slower growing form, and therefore to be cherished. A nice way to bring my snowdrop season to a close.

Galanthus ‘Springwood Park’
Galanthus nivalis Poculiformis


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