Hepatica japonica ‘Hakurin’ self-seeded a few years ago much to my surprise when I spotted it as I was weeding the pots. I’d previously collected the ripe seed from several plants only to discover the seed tray waterlogged. I threw it out, probably rashly as there’s always hope. Luckily nature stepped in where nurture failed. Here then is the proof of the pudding, so to speak. Mother, daughter. Mother is semi-double, daughter single. Beauty is in the genes. Sadly there was only one seedling and, come to think, it may just have been there in the pot when I bought it from Edrom Nurseries.

Hepatica japonica ‘Hakurin’
Hepatica japonica seedling

6 thoughts on “Hepaticas, named varieties, seeded varieties

    1. I’m very careful over watering as I’ve lost a few over the years. I’m too impatient to properly wait for seeds to develop. This is a one-off.


  1. They are both gorgeous but I do love the simplicity and stamens of the singles.
    I wondered if I could ask your advice. The snowdrops planted outside in the garden have bloomed this year with no trouble but I’ve had less success with those in pots, even those that have flowered successfully before. I just stuck the pots round the back of the greenhouse and left them to the weather while dormant. What did I do wrong – too much sun? Too much rain? Plenty of leaves came up, so they’re alive, just no blooms.


    1. Some of mine sulk in pots. For what it is worth, here’s my advice. Fresh compost, clean pots, slow release fertiliser in autumn, and most crucially water as they are die back and start up. In the summer I let them dry out thoroughly. However I’m gradually moving mine to the borders. Leave a few in pots. Good luck. Some snowdrops look better at eye level!


      1. Thanks Ian.
        My strategy has always been to keep new acquisitions in terracotta pots (where I can admire them close up without trudging through a quagmire!) and then, once they start to bulk up, migrate them into the garden. It’s worked up to now but clearly storing them behind the greenhouse didn’t work. I shall follow your advice!


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