I have a modest collection of hepaticas and have no intention of adding to it any time soon from Ebay. It seems prices have gone through the roof. Three years ago I bought Hepatica japonica ‘Haato no Kingu’ from the very same lady who yesterday sold the very same plant for three times the sum on the auction site. The one I had my eye on, though for interest not buying, was ‘Yoichichioya’ but it went for three times the sum I would have paid. Nice work if you can get it and I can testify to the quality of Renata’s plants. There are other sellers …

Purely because I care for my reader may I recommend an alternative from Edrom Nurseries, a splendid Scottish specialist. ‘Akane’ is very similar and a third of the price. Indeed Edrom is offering a discount on multiple purchases. Sadly, very sadly, I’m not on commission.

Edrom Nurseries Hepatica japonica ‘Akane’

Then there’s your free gift. It dropped through our letterbox today. The sumptuous David Austin ‘Handbook of Roses’ 2021. Tempting, enticing, seductive. And free. I’m just about to dive in. Their roses are magnificent, as readers will discover from this summer’s posts. I have a number.

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