Northern Ireland’s Brian Duncan has introduced a stream of wonderful hybrids and ‘Little Surprise’ is wonderful with its blunt corona and swept back petals, together with a lovely pale yellow colouring. No idea why the ‘surprise’. Brian should be used to his wonders. The cyclamineus x species poeticus was introduced in 2015.

Narcissus ‘Eaton Song’

‘Eaton Song’ was bred by Virginia hybridiser, Harry I. Tuggle, Jr in 1989 although it was first noted in 1973. The outer petals are a lighter yellow than the trumpet. This is a dependable miniature. I’ve grown some in a pot and others at the front of a border.

Narcissus ‘Tiny Bubbles’

‘Tiny Bubbles’ is similar though the miniature has a deeper yellow and a rather longer corona. Most conspicuously, each stem possesses two or three flowers, a bonus although in some I find the blooms a tad squashed together. It is an introduction from Brent & Becky’s Bulbs in Virginia. Two Virginian introductions. A record for my blog..

Narcissus ‘Wild Carnival’

‘Wild Carnival’ was an introduction from the Dutch grower WF Leenen in 1982. This large cupped daffodil with its blistering orangle frilled corona is not subtle in its beauty. You wouldn’t want them surrounding Ullswater. As a burst of carnival colour you could not ask for more.


3 thoughts on “Narcissus ‘Little Surprise’, ‘Tiny Bubbles’, ‘Eaton Song’ and ‘Wild Carnival’

  1. Some beauties, but I think ‘Wild Carnival’ is a little much for me. ‘Tiny Bubbles didn’t last long here. I was ok with that since in my garden the foliage would often distract from the flowers.


    1. A little much for me in the garden border. In a pot on the patio it’s fine. I read your blog on ‘Tiny Bubbles’ from a few years back. Retreating foliage is a problem for a month or two. I’ll see how these go.


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