Let’s commence with a daffodil identified today after I posted on my Instagram account (#galanthus69) a lost label picture of a real beauty right by our front door. Narcissus ‘Ice Follies’ stands out from the crowd and is so vigorous and long lasting it dominates its prominent position. Thanks to Daffseek I discovered it’s an old variety going back before 1953 from Dutch growers and awarded the desirable AGM in 1993. It gradually turns a more pure white as it matures. I recommend this one.

Narcissus ‘Ice Follies’

‘Sunnyside Up’ does not appeal to everyone as the split-corona varieties are rather odd. There are some gaudy varieties around. This is not one. Bred by J. Gerritsen & Son, the Dutch growers, it also was awarded the AGM although I’m unable to give the date. I grow this in a very large pot with different varieties and, to be honest, I thought I’d lost it, until it, and its fellows, burst out confounding my doubts. A durable beauty. The Gerritsen family grew daffodil varieties from 1900 until 1980.

Narcissus ‘Sunnyside Up’

Narcissus ‘Rapture’ extends over one corner of the front garden and frankly I would not have planted it in such profusion if it was not a favourite. The long, frilled and splayed trumpet makes for a wonderful sight. Unfortunately the weeds seem to be germinating underneath. Plenty of work to do in the spring garden. Naturally it has the AGM and was hybridised by Grant E. Mitsch in 1976.

Narcissus ‘Rapture’

Two miniatures to finish off with in this listing of recommendations and they are gorgeous. ‘Hummingbird’ is well named for this is a tiny cyclamineus form and again from the prolific G.E. Mitsch, though a year earlier in 1975. We have it at the front of the border. Small in stature but sturdy. Hugely recommended. As is the final offering…

Narcissus ‘Hummingbird’

‘Beryl’ has shot out of a bunch of mass of aconite leaves to continue the Spring show. This is an old variety, registered before 1907 so again a hardy, tough beauty that belies it ‘miniature’ status because small does not mean fragile.

Narcissus ‘Beryl’

4 thoughts on “Narcissus in flower today and recommended!

    1. I had two friends pop over to deliver a birthday present today and they remarked on that very one. A few extra ones have just burst into bloom. Thanks, by the way.

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