Narcissus ‘Creag Dubh’

The Worcestershire hybridiser John S.B. Lea registered this tall and vibrant daffodil in 1997, named after a favourite fishing lake in Scotland. If you require a glistening splash of colour you’ll not find a finer bulb.

Narcissus ‘River Queen’

The temptation is that newer is best. Of course, sometimes it takes a few years to cement certainty. So I’m pretty sure ‘River Queen’ is an exemplary white. Introduced in 1977 by the American hybridiser William Pannill who registered no less than 2010 varieties during his life. He died in 2014 and his orbituary is testament to a great life. As to the bulb, I bought three last year and have six today so it is vigorous and stands proudly.

Narcissus ‘Brooke Ager’

A former American Daffodil Society President, Jaydee Ager named this jewel of a daffodil after his daughter,Brooke, who died tragically young. It was registered in 1997. ‘Brooke Ager’ has been awarded the AGM and of the many narcissus varieties we have in the garden this has the most red corolla, startlingly so in fact. In division 2, large cupped, it is smaller than the previous two but just as lovely.

We have many varieties in flower at the moment and of the larger ones, these three are delights.

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