Back to Harlow Carr at last! Rhododendrons and Erythroniums

Lockdown eased today to allow us to travel within a reasonable distance. This brought RHS Harlow Carr Gardens in Harrogate into contention. The rhododendrons were so stunning.

I could not discover a label on this huge specimen.

And the most jaw dropping crimson blossom.

Rhododendron barbatum
Rhododendron oreodoxa var. fargesii 

Erythroniums were everywhere, from borders to underneath the trees. They were not always named but here is a selection.

Brodsworth Hall Gardens in the Frost

The restrictions on travel are, to say the least, inhibiting so it is a source of solace that we can visit Brodsworth Hall Gardens at weekends.

Brodsworth Hall, its jaw dropping topiary in evidence

We had the place to ourselves this morning as a hard frost crusted the ground.

The formal gardens

We have seen the gardens transformed over the years. For those who enjoy the closely cropped shape of nature tamed this is topiary heaven.

Looking down on the rockery and target lawn.