Photographing snowdrops

Bright, still days are rare in February. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve steadied the camera lens on some exquisite snowdrop only to have the wind gust and the image blur, or it has proven too dark because it’s winter and the flash seems to wash the vitality of the flower away, or the result seems to have lost all its detail, or … So here is a link to a helpful article from Alexandra Campbell that in turn is based on the advice of photographer, Lisa Valder. The article, How to create beautiful photos of snowdrops, was written a year ago and I do wish I had discovered it earlier. It might have saved me many a disappointment. I’ve added Alexandra’s excellent blog to my list on the right.

Galanthophile Diaries

Here’s an excellent Facebook page for those who love snowdrops: Galanthophile Diaries.
I discovered it while researching my new acquisitions, one of which is featured on the screenshot. It is full of info and some stunning images. I don’t subscribe to Facebook myself despite the obvious temptations. When I used to write about animation I was besieged a little by enthusiasts and decided to wear a hard hat and take a back seat in this blog. Facebook diaries like this may make me reconsider perhaps. Whatever, some of my own snowdrops are becoming a little more conspicuous and there is a race to be in flower led by one of my own little seedlings. We’ll see. In the meantime visit Galanthophile Diaries and dream a while.