On a dull day we arrived at one of the jewels in Britain’s gardens, Holehird, the home of the Lakeland Horticultural Society and a marvelous place. The faintest scintilla of light promised much but only for the duration of the photograph. Still, we take what we can on a dark day.

Two remarkable plants greeted us. First, Ilex Aquifolium ‘Bacciflava’ with its fabulous yellow berries.

And then, glory of fragrant glories, “Daphne Bholua Jacqueline Postill”, a plant of which I have written previously.

Rain. So we retired to the alpine house and I wished for the umpteenth time that I should chat to the bank manager about one in our garden.  She promptly told me it was impossible!!

Little actual colour but saxifraga and such that hugged the rocks.

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