Opened in 2002, Valencia’s Flower Bridge, Puente de las flores, was a delight on a hot day with its beautifully tended 27,000 flowers. We followed the now dry river bed of the Turia Gardens, a nine kilometres walk under a seemingly endless series of 17 bridges. There was a tad too much concrete for me in the self-styled urban garden and it was so hot as to be oppressive. Were it possible to have retained some flow of water when the engineers endeavoured to safeguard the city from flooding I would have been happier. But then I’m no engineer and the floods of 1957 were devastating necessitating the diversion of the river.

Valencia was not a crowded city, quite a break after Madrid or Barcelona, and its developing City of Arts and Sciences was spectacular in part. Personally I preferred the old city with fine architectural buildings and fine municipal plantings and trees. 

I did like this tilting landscape seen from across the Turia Gardens.

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