Some of the most fascinating plants in the Alpine House at the RHS gardens at Harlow Carr are the alpines that hug the rock. They often have brilliant coloured flowers but do not have to be in bloom to catch the eye. My own alpines grown outdoors never look like these, the combination of drought, soaking, wind and weeds marring the effect but a man can dream.

Dionysia ‘Monika’
Acantholimon litvinovii
Dionysia tapetodes ‘Peter Edwards’
 Gypsophila aretioides caucasica
Junellia micrantha
Saxifraga ‘Cio Cio San’
Saxifraga ‘Gloria’
Draba cusickii
Erigeron ursinus
Androsace pyrenaica
Draba ‘Buttermilk’
Androsace studiosorum Chumbyi
Draba subacaulis & Draba yunnanensis
Dionysia ‘Ananke’
 Dionysia tapetoides ‘ Peter Edwards’
Dionysia ‘ Pascal’
Dionysia curviflora
Benthamiella patagonica
Androsace selago ‘Red Eye’
Dionysia ‘Monika’
Androsace himalaica
Gypsophila aretioides caucasica
 Draba acaulis ex Bolkar Dag
Draba hybrid ‘Buttermilk’
Benthamiella patagonica

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