The loveliest house in Doncaster and a park that is continually being improved since its prime restoration between 2003-7, Cusworth Hall is a grade 1 building designed by James Paine between 1749-1752, becoming a council run museum in 1967. On the last day of October with temperatures achieving the unheard of heights of 19 degrees Celsius we visited our local park. I was most struck by the planting of a wide variety of trees that has taken place over recent years. So today’s post concentrates on these though first an image of the house in its surroundings.

The first of the new trees, shedding its red leaves
A conifer specimen with a sad history. Twice a year it is decorated with flowers, toys and cards in memory of a young child. Then before the items deteriorate they are tidied away by the family.
Betula utilis ‘Jacquemontii’ has a fresh, chalky white and crisp peeling bark

I remember when this small copse was first planted. Trees grow up, or I get older.

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