‘Mighty Atom’ is weeks later than last year. Here is the very same snowdrop in flower on 26th January two years ago and that was a week later than the previous year.  I’ve given up any certainty about flowering times for snowdrops. Yes there are earlies, yes there are lates, no I’m not completely certain of when or indeed ‘if’ for there are a few competitors around. If you Google the name ‘Mighty Atom’ you will discover different snowdrops, often being sold as ‘Bill Bishop’. I purchased my ‘Mighty Atom’ from Matt Bishop some years ago and it is sightly different to ‘Bill Bishp’. So it is that I present my own contender just filling out, short of stem and big of flower. And late.

7 thoughts on “Galanthus ‘Mighty Atom’

  1. I like this blog – it cheers me up. Please can you do some more snowdrop blogs for December 2018 onwards. I have just bought a few – Trymlet, Wasp, Cowhouse Green, Jessica – and would like to know if you keep any successfully in pots.


  2. Good to hear you enjoy my blog. It tends to pick up in the snowdrop season. Next up is 'Remember Remember' that should be in flower for Armistice Day but has been late for some reason. I've plenty of new varieties to write about too, the failures with the successes! Trust me, snowdrops do seem to fall prey to disease and pests!


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